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Fast, Convenient Professional Teeth Whitening in New Orleans

August 6, 2017

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teeth whitening white toothIn this day and age, convenience is the key to making any product successful. This may be why although many over-the-counter products don’t help patients achieve the whitening results that they truly want, many people continue to buy into them. Why? Because these products are easily accessible!

But did you know that there’s a convenient way to brighten your teeth with better quality products? Learn more about at-home teeth whitening in New Orleans.

What stains your teeth?

Little do many patients know, daily habits definitely affect the brightness of your smile. That’s why it’s so important to notice what you’re putting in your mouth. Both foods and harmful substances can dull your smile over the years along with wear and tear.

Foods and Drinks

If someone were to look at your teeth, especially a dentist, they would be able to tell what are your favorite foods and drinks. Sugary snacks, highly acidic foods, and staining foods and drinks cause your enamel to deteriorate, making your teeth more susceptible to deep stains. Try limiting the consumption of these foods and drinks:

  • Coffee
  • Black tea
  • Red wine
  • Dark colored berries
  • Red pasta sauces

Harmful Substances

If you drink and smoke, try limiting your alcohol and  tobacco use (although the best move for your overall and dental health is to quit them altogether). By monitoring how much you’re exposing your body to toxic substances, you can keep your teeth brighter for a longer period of time.

How does an at-home teeth whitening treatment work?

It’s practically impossible to be tempted to buy a teeth whitening product at your local drugstore. Unfortunately, over-the-counter whitening kits aren’t nearly as effective as professional teeth whitening with a dentist’s custom at-home whitening kit.

If you have deep set stains, you need a high-quality whitening product that’s effective in removing substances from the fibers of your teeth. These kits can remove most stains caused by dark colored or acidic foods, drinks, or tobacco use. In addition to improving the appearance of teeth, whitening makes you feel more confident, boosts your oral health, and gives you a newfound youthful appearance.

Simply, visit your dentist for a quick teeth whitening consultation and follow the instructions from your cosmetic dentist in New Orleans. Over the span of two weeks or so, you’ll begin to see dramatic results and make you proud of your teeth.

Are you someone who hides their smile when laughing because you’re embarrassed about the discoloration of your teeth? Visit your dentist to find more out about convenient teeth whitening.

Meet Your Doctors

The point of getting at-home teeth whitening products is convenience. Our office doesn’t believe in making patients wait all day for an appointment. Dr. deJong and Dr. Plaisance take pride in providing swift, prompt, and efficient services to help you get the results that you’ve been dreaming of.


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