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Cosmetic Dental Bonding

Have you ever noticed how one flaw can spoil the entire picture? Take the picture of your smile, for example. When you see that smile in a photo or in the mirror, your eye is drawn to that one small but annoying imperfection. Mention it to someone else and the response may be, “I didn’t even notice.” But the point is you notice. There’s no reason to be bothered when your River Ridge dentist has a quick fix. With cosmetic dental bonding, Dr. deJong or Dr. Plaisance can make that imperfection disappear.

What does Cosmetic Dental Bonding Fix?

A wide range of smile flaws can be erased with cosmetic dental bonding in River Ridge. Our dentists have used this simple procedure to correct:

Cosmetic Bonding for a Natural Tooth

The material that Drs. deJong and Plaisance use to make your tooth look better is the same one they use to repair and rebuild a tooth damaged by decay. Composite resin material is a medical grade plastic that can be molded to either fill a cavity or reshape a tooth so that it looks more attractive. In either case, the result is strong, durable and blends seamlessly with the natural color of your smile.

The Procedure

The process for cosmetic dental bonding is straightforward. Even better, the procedure is quick and almost never requires anesthesia, so you don’t have to worry about an injection or feeling numb afterwards.

The tooth is isolated with a rubber dam to ensure a secure bond; saliva can interfere with the adhesive. Then, a weak acid is put on the tooth. This is similar to using sandpaper on wood—a slightly roughened surface is better than a slick one when it comes to adhesion.

Then, one of the River Ridge dentists places a small amount of composite resin on the tooth and begins to shape the material. This is quickly hardened with a curing light. Additional layers can be applied until the perfect tooth shape is achieved. When finished, that annoying flaw is gone and you have a smile that’s ideal.

Caring for Cosmetic Dental Bonding

A tooth with composite resin requires the same daily oral hygiene as all of your other teeth. Brush at least twice a day and floss daily. And while composite resin is very strong, it is not indestructible. Try to avoid using a tooth with cosmetic bonding when you bite down on anything hard.