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Eat These Foods to Keep Your Teeth Bright after Whitening

December 12, 2021

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You probably know the biggest offenders when it comes to tooth staining – like red wine, black coffee, and dark chocolate. Eating these foods after a teeth whitening treatment can be a quick trip back to what you experienced before you decided to have your smile brightened: stained, dingy teeth. But did you know that there is a variety of foods you can eat to actually help naturally whiten your pearly whites? It’s true. Keep reading to find out what they are, and enjoy your wonderful results from teeth whitening for a long time to come. 

#1 Dairy

Are you a fan of cheese? You’ll be happy to know that dairy options like cheeses – as well as yogurt, milk, kefir, etc. – can help to naturally whiten your teeth with their lactic acid and enamel-strengthening calcium. So the next time you come across a charcuterie board, indulge happily knowing you’re helping to brighten your smile. 

#2 Apples

If you’ve ever noticed how nice it feels to bite into an apple when your mouth is feeling less-than-fresh, it’s not just your imagination. Apples naturally scrub your teeth as you chew, washing away bacteria buildup and leaving you with a sweeter, cleaner smile. 

#3 Strawberries

You know they taste good, but did you also know strawberries contain something known as malic acid – a natural teeth whitener? Add some to your morning oatmeal or chomp on them as an afternoon snack and feel good about your smile. 

#4 Citrus

Citrus fruits like oranges and pineapples cause your mouth to produce saliva, which is a natural cleansing agent. Just beware of lemons, which are extremely acidic and can cause the tooth enamel to wear down. 

#5 Water

Ok, this one isn’t a food, but drinking plenty of water is wonderful for your overall oral health, and it helps to keep your teeth white. Substituting beverages like soda and coffee with water prevents staining. The clear, hydrating liquid also keeps your mouth fresh and generates saliva. 

Along with consistent dental hygiene and routine visits to your dentist, eating these foods can help to naturally brighten your smile – allowing you to enjoy those teeth whitening results for years to come. And, if you do notice your teeth starting to look less than bright, you can always visit your dentist for a quick whitening touchup. 

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